Dear Diary, This weekend I

Megabused to Chicago,

saw the 3D Design kids at the SOFA expo, which had lots of beautiful things, only a few of which I photographed, so this is not a representative sample and doesn’t even include the embroidered drawings of FB posts (including “like” buttons, etc.).

Ate all the food in Chinatown,

because apparently all my memories are food based and it didn’t even matter if I was hungry or even not-stuffed, I couldn’t leave without a red bean ice and three boxes of Hello Panda.

hatWent to a swing dance,

had more complicated and confusing interactions with my left shin, but managed to get a few dances in, nothing magical but nothing embarrassing either.  Had some revelations about swing dancing, namely that I need to be doing it again.

Helped finish, assemble and install my contribution

to this year’s tree hugger project.  Cassie and I worked on this all last month, and it went up on the tree on Sunday.  I am very bad at visualizing things, so I’m usually surprised, even by my own finished projects.  I did not predict how much I would love this when it was all put together.  And I do.  I love it.  Our tree hugger is the BEST tree hugger.  (We also didn’t predict how much larger it would be than we’d planned.)

I owe much of the awesomeness to Cassie, who drove most of the idea-making, and also the motivation.  For more tree huggers, see the Facebook page, or articles about this year’s, and last year’s, projects.  (I haven’t actually watched the KCRG yet, but yes, that’s me in the video, and that’s also me being snarky in the comments…)

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